Respectful Workplace Programs

Respectful Workplace Programs

Workplace culture is a large, chaotic, messy, and fun topic. Culture is the shared beliefs, behaviours, and ways of being with each other. Workplace culture teaches employees ‘how we do things around here’, and leaders must make the decision to manage the culture before it manages them. Respect is the linchpin.

When I work with leaders and business groups to address their respectful workplace concerns, we begin by figuring out what the current culture is, what you want it to be, and how to close the gap in a positive way.  If you are ready to walk the talk, I can assist you and your team to develop the behaviours and programs that will get you the respectful culture you want.

I work with people who want to:

  • Align their behaviours with their organization’s values.
  • Learn how to demonstrate respect in a variety of settings – from a basic handshake to working a room to a corporate banquet.
  • Effectively communicate through body language training, active listening, and creating space for dialogue – positive & constructive.
  • Develop their professionalism and create their next opportunity.
Respectful Workplace Programs for the practical, courageous, authentic leader ready to challenge the status quo.

Pricing Model

I believe in providing all the information you need to decide whether to take the next step – the potential cost to retaining/contracting my services.  Please take a minute to review the information below and give me a shout to discuss your needs and how we can find the right service level for your organization.

Monthly Retainer: $2,500 – $5,000

Hourly Support: $150/hr

Projects: Fees will be developed based on the size, complexity, and urgency.

Additional Fees: GST, Travel time and costs, material costs, and cancellation charges.  All fees discussed in advance of being incurred.