Coaching For Emerging Leaders

Coaching for Emerging Leaders

When you work with people, you are bound to face interpersonal challenges, knowledge-level differences, motivational gaps, and miscommunications.  As a new and/or mid-level leader, developing the confidence to be effective with ambiguity means learning new skills.  Coaching provides an environment where you can practice skills, discuss challenges, and develop practical plans to elevate your leadership abilities. Organizations that invest in their new and mid-level leaders have the opportunity to instill leadership practices that align with the organization’s values and strategic goals.

Drawing on my professional experience and education, I work with organizations on recognizing how to develop leaders. Through coaching, we can work together to ensure your new and mid-level leaders can meet the increasingly complex, ambiguous, and uncertain world of work.

Coaching means:

  • Identifying leadership characteristics & style.
  • Learning tools to motivate & support others.
  • Developing critical thinking and decision making skills.
  • Understanding and practicing emotional intelligence.
Coaching Programs for the practical, courageous, respectful leader ready to develop themself and their team.

Why do I do this work?

I believe in providing all the information you need to decide whether to take the next step – the potential cost to retaining/contracting my services.  Please take a minute to review the information below and give me a shout to discuss your needs and how we can find the right service level for your organization.

Monthly Retainer: $2,500 – $5,000

Hourly Ongoing Support: $150/hr

Projects: Fees will be developed based on the size, complexity, and urgency.

Additional Fees: GST, Travel time and costs, material costs, and cancellation charges.  All fees discussed in advance of being incurred.