When I work with clients, we look at culture from an organizational perspective and a global perspective to understand what motivates people, what filter do staff bring to work, and how do these factors impact the workplace and the bottom line.

Workplace Culture

Let’s be candid; workplace culture is often added to the executive agenda when something goes wrong.  I can help you and your team investigate how culture impacted the problem and how to minimize that from happening again.  Culture is often messy, chaotic, and ambiguous – just like the people operating in and creating that culture. Leaders must examine the systems, policies and processes while getting real about the emotions, behaviours, habits, and politics that impact the workplace. To understand workplace culture and match the values statement hanging on the wall with the practices in the hall, taking the time to know where practices are aligned and where they are missing the mark is a valuable exercise.

Tough Talks

Have you had that feeling where you know you should say something but you don’t know how or you are unsure of the reaction? Most people have, especially leaders, and it is uncomfortable. It usually means that a problem has been ignored and now, the conversation may lead to a formal complaint, a performance issue, or worse – a lawsuit.  A critical skill for all managers is being able to have a candid conversation. Candid doesn’t mean harsh it means being honest in a respectful way. For all the benefits of technology, the downside is we are losing our ability to talk about uncomfortable topics.  Avoiding an awkward topic won’t make it go away; it means the topic is buried and will resurface larger and more complicated than before. Having participated in many tough talks, I can guide you through conducting your tough talk where the result is more trust, respect, and alignment with the workplace culture you want.

Civility Coaching

Being civil (polite, respectful, helpful) equals a stronger bottom line.  I can help you achieve a workplace you and your employees can be proud of. Being civil at work, or anywhere, doesn’t mean you’re snobby or stuffy or you can never tell a joke at the office; it means you treat others with respect and dignity consistently. Moreover, it does mean you have manners – not that you’ve attended charm school for years but that you know the value of please, thank you, excuse me, and you are welcome.  As our behaviours, expectations, and norms change our workplace culture reflects those changes. In today’s world of instant gratification, extreme personalization (how many ways are there to have a cup of coffee?), and surface level connections it is hard to recognize how we contribute to our environment until it impacts us.