When I work with clients, we look at culture from an organizational perspective and a global perspective to understand what motivates people, what filter do staff bring to work, and how do these factors impact the workplace and the bottom line.

Human Resource Consulting

Let’s be candid; Human Resources doesn’t have the greatest reputation and is often the butt of the joke or the last place you want to go to get help.  I get it – my take on HR is one of service and support. The less you need me, the better I have done my job.  I have consciously worked myself out of a few jobs as I develop and implement full cycle HR departments.  Let me do that for your organization too! I specialize in working with small to mid-sized organizations who want to take care of their people and not take their eyes of the day to day operation of their business.  Services

Workplace Culture Programs

Good workplace cultures have a direct positive effect on an organization’s bottom line.  Yes, really (and it is measurable). While ‘culture’ has been a buzz word for a while it’s because it really does matter – people want to work somewhere with great people, cool projects, and supportive leaders.  If that sounds touchy-feely to you then consider reviewing your benefit costs, absentee rates, turnover stats,  employee engagement scores, and customer satisfaction rates.  The hard stats will show you how much the ‘touchy-feely’ stuff impacts your business; the choice is whether it is a positive or negative impact.  To find out more about culture programs, please click on Services.

Mediation & Ombuds Service

With great power, comes great responsibilty (Uncle Ben, Spiderman) thus a leader must address the more difficult parts of interpersonal relationships.  A workplace mediation is a means of resolving disputes between two or more parties who possess a genuine desire to achieve a mutually satisfying outcome, it is not a forced decision or mandated process, though it is bound by applicable legislation and organizational policies.  A mediation ideally happens before a formal investigation – it can be a great proactive step.

Along with mediation, an ombuds service is a powerful proactive tool for all employees.  An external, neutral party provides support for those feeling unsure how to handle serious workplace misconduct, where to report concerns, and leadership teams to receive unbiased feedback about challenges the organization is facing. To learn more about these proactive tools, please click Services.