We all have a bias – at least one – and sometimes many. Most of us try to hide, change, or rationalize the biases we have because the word ‘bias’ tends to have a negative connotation.

As a business leader, it is essential to learn about bias and how biases impact your performance, your employee’s performance, and your organization’s performance.

Two types of bias to be aware of:


Group Think: Is the desire for everyone to get along and get moving. This desire overrides sharing differences of opinion and new ideas to make sure everyone agrees. As an individual, you either adopt the thoughts and decisions of the group, or you are at risk of being left out. The concern with groupthink is most people don’t want to be left out or risk standing up to the group for fear of reprisal. Conformity is the goal of groupthink. In the context of organizational culture – consider how groupthink may be impacting creative thinking and innovative products. How is conformity affecting your corporate growth & diversity initiatives?

Implicit/Unconscious Bias: Is defined as “the attitudes and stereotypes that affect our views, actions, and decision making ability” As the name implies, you are not conscious of the bias.

The world is approximately 51% male and 49% female, yet in S&P companies 96% of executive positions are held by men. This is in part because of implicit/unconscious bias. Unconscious bias impacts corporate processes such as recruiting, compensation, promotions, communication style, negotiating, and harassment. This bias is ingrained in you as a person and reflects how and where you were raised, the education system you were a student of, and your personal experiences. Whatever bias you may have, once you become aware, you can make adjustments to your beliefs and actions.

To start understanding what biases might be present in your organization begin by taking a look at the company’s demographics, pay-bands, and succession plan. Check out the links below for additional information on biases.

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Let’s discuss how bias may be affecting your organizational culture and goals.




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