About Me

My name is Kellie Donohue.

I’m a traveller, former corporate Human Resources executive, and now, a culture guide.  I have lived and worked in the Arctic and the Tropics, broken bread on the Emerald Island and in the Far East. I consider Calgary my home and my touchstone.

My travels have taught me that culture is complex, always evolving, and if you aren’t careful will result in lost work opportunities, hurt feelings, and misguided attempts to make a difference.

I work with people who want to:

  • Understand culture from an organizational and human perspective.
  • Incorporate systems and programs that ensure everyone gets a fair shake.
  • Learn techniques to engage in difficult conversations confidently and positively
  • Develop a respectful workplace
I am on a mission to make today’s workplace cultures civil, inclusive, fair, and fun.

Why do I do this work?

Through my travels, education, and experience I’ve had the privilege of working in organizations that consistently demonstrated civility, inclusion, and fairness across the business. I’ve also had the chance to learn from my experiences in organizations still on the path to creating a positive culture. The strength of my collective experience is knowing what to look for, knowing how to interpret what I see, and knowing how to help leaders see their culture through a different lens.