About Me

My name is Kellie Donohue.

I am a HR Expert, Systems Thinker, and Civility Specialist.

I work with people who want to:

  • Create a corporate culture that positively impacts the bottom line.
  • Invest in junior and mid level employees now – proactive instead of reactive.
  • Learn techniques to engage in difficult situations and conversations effectively
  • Develop a civil workplace grounded in practical and proven approaches

I have been described by clients and colleagues as:

  • Logical, organized, and systematic
  • Kind, direct, and empathetic
  • Authentic, supportive, and engaging
  • Knowledgeable, wise, and witty

I work with professionals who want to:

  • Understand how organizational cultures impact the bottom line through a human perspective.
  • Incorporate HR systems and programs that support employees and profits.
  • Have a laugh and enjoy their work
  • Develop impactful interpersonal communication skills resulting in confident and competent staff.
  • Solve issues respectfully through mediation, restoration, and coaching.
If you are a practical, courageous, respectful leader ready to challenge the status quo, let’s talk.

Why am I the consultant for you?

At the core of all I do is a drive to support, encourage, and see others succeed. I focus on getting to the root of the issue, not protecting the stories, excuses, or processes that stop progress. My skills and approach work for those looking to challenge their internal narrative, their ingrained behaviours, and their limiting beliefs. I am direct, I will challenge you, and I will support your growth.

Whether we are working on civility, corporate culture, or difficult conversations, there’s a good chance you will be uncomfortable as you adjust your narrative and behaviours. That’s exactly what we want – only in discomfort can you grow.